The hubs bought me this again, It smells so good….he knows me too well plus I love the holidays.

Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle ‘Pink Sands’ – Yankee Candle. This smells amaaazzing! I love it for summer it smells like vanilla and sweet pretty flowers and like..the beach I guess lol smells like what pink sand would smell like lol yankee candle(( I have had many of this candle and still one I love and have )) Profile image Yankee Candle “Cotton Candy” Summer 2015

Yankee Candle “Cotton Candy” Summer 2015`Cookies & Cream’ – YankeeCandle. Why did I never see/hear of this before!!?! I bet it smells amazing! Yankee candle never seen this one…need this for my kitchen…the cupcakes on it match my towels!!! Yankee candle | Smelling loads of them with my Dad nd him goin lightheaded and feeling sick oops Yankee candle