14 creative ice tray hacks and recipes

Ice Tray
Ice Tray Pineapple ice cube trays! The Square Cubes Ice Cube Tray from CasaBella is the perfect ice tray for regular use. These cute square cubes are perfect for mixed drinks, tall glasses of iced tea – and they even fit in water bottles! These trays come in a set of two and are made to… stackable+ice+tray+set|UncommonGoods Flower Ice Mold Kit | Make beautiful and unique accessories for your favorite drinks with this floral ice kit. Features a BPA-free, dishwasher safe ice tray with four extra large ice square molds and a container of edible dried flowers to decorate the inside of your fancy frozen cubes.

Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray | This flexible silicone ice cube tray makes 6 sparkling assorted gemstone shapes to chill down and bling out your favorite beverage.Square and Spherical Ice Tray Sets on Food52 Naruto Silicon Ice Tray –Sasuke & Itachi **Preorder** Character ice trays that’s cool! Vodka bottle ice trays – these would make fun jello shots Rotating Appetizers-On-Ice Tray with Lids Image Rotating Appetizers-On-Ice Tray with Lids Image

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